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Inside Sound - comments

  1. 15-02-2015

    Smooth and precise, weaving a dream.

  2. 07-01-2015
    Tassos Sotirakis

    Impressive work! Great feeling!

  3. 22-05-2014

    To the Sky is a wonderful piece of music. There is something going on; moving in and out at almost all times yet well balanced and nothing over powering. This song is very well mixed and I loved it. Gave it 5 thumbs up.

  4. 14-06-2012

    Hey guys, 'To The Sky' is a real nice composition. I like the feel of it. Feel free to check my stuff when you get the chance and say HI.

  5. 18-05-2012

    Great job, loved the mixture of tones and the feeling I get from them. All stars from me guys.

  6. 20-11-2011
    Richard Embery

    Hey guys just listened to both your songs. I really enjoyed them both but especially the first one. Great guitar tone and solid recording. Well done. If you have time have listen to my songs or song even and let me know what you think. Cheers and all the best.