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Bonnie McGill - comments

  1. 04-03-2012

    Bonnie I have enjoyed you music many times on facebook and I'm so glad to see you here also. I knew I liked you, and now that I know you play an Ovation you just climbed up to the top of my fan list. I play and record with all Ovations, Ovation Elite, Ovation Classical, Ovation Adamas 12 string, Solid Body electrics Ovation Ukll, Preacher and Viper, I also have a Oscar Schmidt Bluesman Guitar, their version of BB kings Lucile. Love you music, all stars my friend. Kit Mann

  2. 29-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    Got No Easy Way Out on my playlist When you enter my soul you stay there God bless

  3. 25-02-2012
    Eugene Paradis

    This is the greatest country music I have heard and you have it I know I go nuts but when music gets into my soul I let it go keep doing this God bless

  4. 05-02-2012
    LeRoy Prince

    I love your songs Bonnie!!