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Bob Fischer Jr. - comments

  1. 19-01-2013
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Bob, Thank you so much for your friendship! Nice to meet you! Peace & Love always Ryo,

  2. 27-07-2012
    Jimi Trujillo

    Bob,thanks for your friendship.You have a strong voice and good acoustic skills just keep working hard and It will pay off.

  3. 17-07-2012
    Jacqui Taylor

    Hi Bob good to meet you,, love and best wishes! :)

  4. 11-07-2012
    Far From Folk

    Thanks Bob, the picture makes me think of traveling into some place and you have no idea where it leads. Sorry about your cat, I've lost a dog to cancer too. Keep up playing, I'll check your music out soon. Blessings, Brian

  5. 11-07-2012

    Hey there Bob, I have to agree with the cat:) All the best to you my friend! - Cheers, Andrew.