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Dorothy - Staff member - comments

  1. 04-12-2015
    Henry Kevin Edwards

    Thank you for the awesome review and all the support! You guys are like family to me. Love all the new articles and talent. I have met some of my favorite musicians @ thespotlightzone. Im proud to be a part of it all. Everybody says " hey" & Peace from MBC

  2. 02-03-2015

    thanks for the friend request and great was funny about what you said when folks leave negative comments lol. thanks again!

  3. 14-05-2014
    Red Eye Flight

    We just put our music up!. Go check it out and let us know what you think

  4. 08-03-2014
    Junior Rhobot

    Thanks for the add Dorothy and wellcome.

  5. 16-12-2013
    Dylan Abm

    thanks for the add... blessings..

  6. 04-03-2013
    Le Blaff

    Thats nice ! Thx Dorothy !

  7. 02-02-2013
    Desmond Lewis

    thanks for stopping by and listen to my song, stay bless

  8. 11-01-2013
    Secret Lane

    Many thanks and greetings from Florence!!!

  9. 19-09-2012
    Abbe Anderson

    Hi Dorothy, You seem like a jewel. Thanks for sharing your tasty recipes and beautiful dogs and commitment to JJ and music and island life with us.

  10. 25-05-2012
    Papel Mojado

    Hi Dorothy, I read your interview, is very interesting and I love the philosophy of the project. Thanks for the support you do for independent music. Regard. Gerard.