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Dorothy - Staff member - comments

  1. 10-05-2012

    thanks, nice to see you !

  2. 17-04-2012

    Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!! Cheers, Danielle,Potion13.

  3. 14-04-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dearest Dorothy, Hello my dear wonderful friend, I'm an honored to share beautiful thoughts and warm feelings with you and I'm an honored that I'm join this great place. Sending peace & love, positive energy from my heart* I wish you a very beautiful and wonderful weekend. Warmest greetings from Japan, Ryo,

  4. 07-02-2012
    Light in Sence

    Hi Dorothy, thx and good luck in the life ... this pages have crazy colour atmosphere, I like it, I very like it that I'm here thx JJ and Dorothy and music ... good luck my Friends ... Love and Peace and Light

  5. 23-01-2012

    Hi Dorothy! That's one big puppy;) Rob

  6. 07-12-2011
    David Jeffree

    I feel very privileged to be here on with you and JJ Dorothy, and I would like to offer my services to all of your friends that join here.I am a post production mastering engineer and iwll happily Red Book any of their work for free on the "Chinese Doctors" principle.I will master them for free and if they like the result and can afford to they can decide whether to pay me then.If they can't afford to pay I'm still happy to do the work as we are a community after all.Very nice to meet you and I really enjoyed learning about you JJ and Buster.Seems to me they are both very lucky to have you ! (and we must swap some cooking recipes soon lol) Cheers Dave

  7. 03-12-2011
    Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements

    Great website, pleased to meet you :)

  8. 09-08-2011
    JJ Rocks

    Great picture of you and Buster!, Love, - JJ