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Margarita - comments

  1. 20-07-2013
    Stephano Christophero (Pandaman)

    Sorry can't get your video - blank screen. But know your story is inspiring. You are certainly a soldier for Christ! Spread his goodness and thank you!

  2. 12-01-2013
    Bob Melton

    Your music and your story are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing it all.

  3. 29-11-2012

    Beautiful music Margarita. This is all good. You have made me happy. God bless you very much.

  4. 20-07-2012
    A Boy And His Mess

    THANK YOU! Hmm... I'd say I'm influenced by a little of everything. I'm really hoping to just open people up to the idea of playing their instruments freely without boundaries/limitations. But yet still organized enough for one to follow. Have a wonderful day and thank you again! -B