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Mark Claytor - comments

  1. 04-03-2012
    Casey Stevens

    Hey Mark. your music is good, but you should have listed your songs under Instrumental. I think if you changed it, you would probably be on the top of the charts. Just a suggestion, as a Fellow music friend. Good luck - Casey

  2. 04-03-2012

    Can't believe I'm the first here. Mark, I'm telling you I just loved you music, gave all stars on all songs brother. You know here is what I got from your music as apposed to other shredders like Bucket head and Vai, and others, Maybe at one point the did, but forgot, I can feel everything you are saying when you play. Tears, laughter, fun, crying with every bent string and sustained note. Now the others may have forgotten this over the years but you come across with it in you music. What a great ride I had visiting here. Sorry it took so long to get back to you, I've been sick and we had all the tornados here in Indiana and it knocked out our internet for a while. Were all good. Now I record with all Ovations. Acoustic and Electric, I have solid Body Ovation UKll, Preacher and Viper. Plus a Oscar schmidt bluesman their version of BB kings lucile. But I do love the sound you amps and guitars were producing. Your Friend Kit Mann