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  1. 19-01-2013
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear wonderful friend, Thank you so much for your friendship! Nice to meet you! Peace & Love always Ryo,

  2. 03-09-2012

    Wow... well done! Frightening... I was white knuckling it!! I don't do scary well... I cry at scary movies... but well done! High Marks!!!

  3. 02-08-2012

    Thought your music was very interesting and thought provoking some really nice combinations,hope now you will comment on ours

  4. 01-08-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    Thanks so much for listening friend, and rating La Isla Bonita. It's been a while since anyone has mentioned that song so Thanks again.Peg

  5. 01-08-2012

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  6. 31-07-2012

    I am in love with this style of music. I found my self getting lost in the sounds and lyrics, This is just jaw dropping songs. All stars my friends and a couple of adds to my playlist. Your Fan Kit Mann

  7. 31-07-2012
    Peg O\'Neill

    Hi -I listened to your acoustic song and thought it was quite original. Please give a listen to one of my songs and rate it please.I have just started on this website! Let's be friends! Blessings< Peg

  8. 31-07-2012

    Wonderfully unique sound, irresistably unhinged. The imagery and story telling make for a magical combination - Bravo.

  9. 31-07-2012

    Hi I am proud to have accepted your friends request, I love your style and unique music a great experience listening. Thank you for sharing.

  10. 30-07-2012
    Garry Hall

    Your music and art are very cutting edge and innovative very interesting to say the least , you are in Transylvania, Romania must be a very different world from where I live in Ohio , United States.