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SALUSAVA - comments

  1. 19-01-2013
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Salusava, Thank you so much for your friendship! Nice to meet you! Peace & Love always Ryo,

  2. 23-10-2012
    dustin silvers

    Wonderful holistic sound. Singer hits every note clear and right on the mark. I enjoy your energy and hope you gerat success. I have rated you a fine participant in your field of entertaining songs. yours dustin silvers

  3. 03-10-2012
    Joe Lyell

    Thanks for your friendship. Listening to your tunes. Great job. ~ Joe

  4. 16-09-2012

    Enjoying your music.

  5. 13-09-2012
    Lola Brinton

    Great sound and energy. Wishing you good fortune. sinceely LOLA

  6. 13-09-2012

    Absolutely loved your track great vibrant sound and great vocals congratulations and good luck with all your future projects. Best regards Brian "The Hat"

  7. 12-09-2012

    Merci pour l'ajout! Bonne chance dans vos projets! It means: Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!! Cheers from Montreal, Danielle,Potion13.

  8. 12-09-2012
    Ionescu Andreea

    Hi ,thanks for the request !:-)