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Blackberry Wednesday - comments

  1. 08-03-2014
    Junior Rhobot

    great musician, beautifull songs. thanks for the add.

  2. 13-02-2014

    I love "Blackberry Wednesday".

  3. 11-02-2014
    Neal Bing

    Your song HEY I is my Jam!!! That song really rocks the house! I just really like how your the energy of the guitars builds up to a climax in the beginning and just drops off and leave the lead vocalist a spot to set the tone of the song. Awesome work!!! :)

  4. 16-12-2013
    Dylan Abm

    love the vibes...blessings

  5. 09-11-2013
    Mattias Törnell

    Hi! Have listened to and rated your songs, hope you´ll take the time to do the same for me! =) You have awesome songs and sound, wow! Good luck in the future!!! All the best, Mattias T.

  6. 06-11-2013

    Very good professional music! Keep on rocking!

  7. 08-10-2013
    Dream Decay

    hey guys love the tunes yall rock!! hey i and youre the one sound very creed/7 mary 3 like if you remember them lol gave yall great thumbs up feel free to check me out im a christian ambient artist but i listen to everything.good luck guys God Bless! james dream decay

  8. 27-09-2013
    DC Clark

    Love Hey I.. Keep up the good work.

  9. 15-06-2013
    McKenna Elise Adams

    Hi, just letting you know I'm done rating your songs. They were awesome. Please rate mine when you have the time. Thanks!

  10. 03-05-2013
    AJ Crawshaw

    Hey guys I love your sound, Thanks for friending me