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Don Nivens - comments

  1. 23-06-2013

    I really like this song "The Church Lady" and "Long Dark Road" song I can listen to all day especially riding in the car. "Uncle Joes Wellhouse" is a fun song and my favorite one is "Warrior Creek" if you were my dad I would ask you to sing this one to me acapella. Thanks for being a friend and listening I enjoyed your good tunes as well keep it coming, be blesses happen late fathers day and have a great year. ^_^

  2. 17-06-2013
    McKenna Elise Adams

    Septembers Gone is a pretty one as well. Sorry for all the comments. But, I'm commenting on your songs after I rate them.

  3. 17-06-2013
    McKenna Elise Adams

    Beautiful Warrior Creek :)

  4. 17-06-2013
    McKenna Elise Adams

    Long Dark Road is a beautiful song as well.

  5. 17-06-2013
    McKenna Elise Adams

    I just listened and rated your song Under The Wing Of An Angel. That song is so beautiful.

  6. 11-01-2013
    Secret Lane

    Many thanks, greetings from Florence!!!