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Ambyr Effect - comments

  1. 28-01-2013
    Sono Vero

    Great stuff, good passion. Loved Promises really enjoyed it!

  2. 28-01-2013
    Nassu Bowe

    Hey folks... really great sound. I love "The Fire in Which We Burn", good stuff. Regards - NASSU

  3. 25-01-2013
    Slam Horse

    Killer sound! Love the juxtaposition of the metal on the orchestration! Beautifully rendered compositions! Much love to you! --SLAM HORSE

  4. 25-01-2013

    strong voice, nice rock. love and respect

  5. 24-01-2013

    Cool, nice .... you can add the rest.

  6. 24-01-2013

    Nice blending intros with smooth separation of instruments.

  7. 24-01-2013

    hi on