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Chris Rossi - comments

  1. 28-04-2015
    The Stormy River Band

    Nice work if you have a chance will you check us out Thanks

  2. 22-05-2014

    Reflection, what a wonderful sound. I absolutely love the guitar in this song. It is very sharp yet mellow and soulful and touching. I love that haunting sound. I gave this song 5 thumbs up...Stay blessed, Brenda Ross

  3. 10-02-2014
    Neal Bing

    Your song Reflections really stood out to me. I like the melody that plays right off when it first comes on. :) It drew me in to wonder what the next melody was going to be and where is the music going to take me. :) I like your music because all of it takes you on a journey somewhere. :) Awesome job!!! :)

  4. 16-08-2012
    Julie Lamb

    Hi Chris I was scanning through your songs and played Groove Planet with Road to elsewhere superimposed... couple of stanza's there were heavenly! Nice sounds - thanks!

  5. 28-02-2012

    Chris what a great vision within your music. Your playing is outstanding and the production is Top shelf. I gave you all stars friend. Is that a PRS in you profile photo Kit Mann

  6. 27-02-2012

    A Road to Elsewhere"great track ...all the