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Flavored Feel - comments

  1. 09-03-2013
    Vintage Radio Gods

    Thank you for adding Vintage Radio Gods - YOU ROCK!!!

  2. 08-03-2013

    Thanks for the add! Best of luck with your projects!! Cheers from Montreal, Danielle,Potion13.

  3. 05-03-2013
    Sasha Firewolf

    I really liked what I heard, and I rarely like rock! :) Keep up the good work.

  4. 03-03-2013
    Fantasma Web

    Good traks here. Great sound! Greetings FW

  5. 03-03-2013

    Nice "long-gone-days" vibe!

  6. 03-03-2013
    Secret Lane

    Hi, many thanks! I really love your city, i've been there some months ago! Greetings from Florence!!! Jack

  7. 02-03-2013
    J Elizabeth Hardges

    I HAVE COPIES OF MY BOOK!!! Its only $10 per copy... I will also send a BEAUTIFULLY DECORATED bookmark with the book!!! I'M SO EXCITED ABOUT WHAT GOD IS DOING IN THIS SEASON OF MY LIFE!!!! ♥ yall...