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Strange Vision - comments

  1. 17-12-2011
    Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements

    Pleased to meet you Strange Vision:) Very experimental sound, like your music :) Drop by our page for a listen to our tunes if you have the time too :) Stay in touch, Poppy and Holly :)

  2. 14-12-2011

    Strange?..maybe.Visionary?..definately.Audio ellete.

  3. 13-12-2011
    Rose of Sharon

    I'm impressed with your electronic expertise--I'm still trying to figure out how the vocoder and arpeggiator on my Microkorg work. My MIDI won't transmit either.

  4. 19-10-2011

    Nice music! You have a very creative sound. We enjoyed listening :-) Best wishes -Feminine Rhyme

  5. 19-10-2011

    Awesome Arrangements Well Produced Love Ur Tunes! Very Upbeat With Amazing Grooves Within The Songs! Loads More Success 2 U In Ur Music! Lol From Rodmac!