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Sides of Sacrifice - comments

  1. 27-02-2012
    Da Sweetnezz

    Hey thanks for adding me huni...I would appreciate your support!! Spare me a second of your time and like Ma Music page... And you can officially listen to my new EP "Da Future Is Sweet" via GO one step further and download it here: Love Da Sweetnezz ♥

  2. 13-12-2011

    Hey thanks for your comment, nice work too ! Good luck !

  3. 02-10-2011
    Forgotten Signals

    J, I'm going solo and would like to here your music .I like what you have here do you have anymore ??? I have alot of tunes, but since 2004 accident that crushed my left arm and cut 3 of my fingers inhalf on my right hand .. I find it harder to play guitar and keys . I now play left handed guitar and I find my style is alot different from playing right handed and the songs on my page are from playing left handed guitar .. I have alot of lyrics but it's not easy tring to perform them playing left handed .. Hope to jam sometime .. Peace your music friend -- JC Steel'e

  4. 02-10-2011
    Forgotten Signals

    Hey guys The song Angle will not Play.. I dig your vib in the other songs Peace -- JC