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Jacqui Taylor - comments

  1. 24-05-2017
    Lonely Harddisk Band

    Haha! I re-found you :-) And I have listen loud in my headphones! And see some movies. And now I cant find the page again. There was a player with you and some band... I have shared a few songs from your youtube on my facebook, so they can learn that's life after blues... Thank you for being so crazy on that guitar. And I have a new black SG...some pedals and board...hehe Have a great day Jacqui... Freddie

  2. 12-06-2012

    Thanks...keep rockin

  3. 28-02-2012

    Jacqui, ditto what catfish said, if you at or near Indianapolis I want to be there. I am just wowed! You could be on stage with David Gilmore, Van Halen, Vai, Bucket Head, or any other big name player and they better just back up and enjoy the show. I write all genres of music, but I think you will really like my song Soul Taker blues re-mix, towards the bottom of my second page of songs. Remember turn it up. I added both your songs to my play list and gave you all stars. It just dumb founds me that someone would even give you just 4 stars, must of been a bass player LOL Your Friend Kit Mann

  4. 15-12-2011
    Catfish Cheese

    Amazing! I'm highly impressed. If you ever come near Chicago to play let me know ill be there. Rock On!!!

  5. 29-11-2011

    Wow!!! You really ROCK Girl!! Awesome!!

  6. 19-10-2011
    Lonely Harddisk Band

    Thank you for the friendship. I love your music and great guitar, really fun and good :) I have add your music to my playlist...I'm new here and maybe I will look for you at the reverbN pages.. Have a fun day Jacqui Taylor, Freddie

  7. 11-10-2011

    Hi Jacqui, I always, always enjoy listening to your amazing guitar playing in Reverbnation & I'm so glad that I found you here too... Awesome guitarist...:)

  8. 04-10-2011
    Castor Six

    You Are MAGIC on The Guitar!!!!! musical Love Castor Six