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Nur Ich - comments

  1. 02-09-2015

    Thanks for appreciating my culture and you are welcome

  2. 21-08-2015
    "Use Garazd"

    Great. Deep and peaceful. Good luck and high spirit.

  3. 19-08-2015
    Simon Zattara band

    Magic touch & Lovely tunes... Great feeling too ! Best Wishes

  4. 18-08-2015
    James E Johnson

    Great music, and congrats on the review!!! I listened and rated all your songs, I liked all of them, my favorite was kim and cave! Best reguards!!

  5. 18-08-2015
    Robot Raven

    Wonderful stuff! Congrats on the JJ Rocks review! Well deserved! I stopped by and rated some of your songs today. Best of luck in the future! Cheers!

  6. 18-07-2015

    I'm not sure which tune your talking about. However I wrote 99% of all our songs. I did have a friend who played keyboards. The rest is pretty much just me.