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Heath Virock - comments

  1. 16-05-2014

    The Gate of White is a lovely song. The chords are so pronounced and clear. I love the guitar sounds. I believe this is best tuned guitar i have ever heard. I gave this song all thumbs up. What else would it be? It's fab....

  2. 16-04-2014

    Yes the music does have a feeling of 'happier' times, I enjoyed both songs, great melodies!

  3. 10-04-2014

    I believe there are times in our lives when we truly connect to something that is wonderful and touching. When i listened to this new upload of "Why In Your Eyes" there was a place in my heart that did not want to let it go; a place that settled down to make room for this feeling and I wanted it to stay. Oh! How beautiful. Yes- Brenda Ross

  4. 08-04-2014
    Dbone (Dusty Giles)

    I think both songs are 3.5 out of 5 stars. Here is why I say that, you've worked so hard and you've asked me to rate them and I can't even get a player that will play flash. My android won't, I'm so frustrated with that. So for now because of your lyrical content and other things,....honestly you deserve the world.

  5. 07-04-2014

    Why In Your Eyes; beauty in words is difficult to express, but with the right sounds it absolutely comes alive. I really love the beauty this song has.

  6. 07-04-2014

    The Christmas Light; reminds me of a simpler and more peaceful time. I was touched almost the moment it began to play. There is a profound truth that has been lost in this country of America and this song sets to scene to recapture it. One of the best feeling songs I have heard in a long time. - Brenda Ross

  7. 05-04-2014

    you get to write great music.luck in the works-my friend)