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Cupla - comments

  1. 21-04-2014
    Brown-Harty Project

    Hi I loved it! Good feel on the blues rock, I thought it was creative with good guitar sounds. I enjoyed your ability to write songs and the instrumentation was across the board tight. The Bomb has a great instrumental hook to it. I loved the timing it got me interested immediately. Good guitar work, good hooks, creative and thoughtful. Black Top Blues from the first note had me, I wanted more but it didn't quite slide into the pocket I was expecting from a boogie. My Stand has good vocal tone and on key but personally I would of enjoyed a few harmony's on the voice. Excellent over all recording the instruments and acoustic guitar have great sound . My two cents...all three songs could of used a splash of harmony vocals hear and there. You have the ability you have a strong sound!

  2. 14-04-2014

    Hello, we listened to your songs, we think they are awesome, love the sound, good work, rock on!