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Mickey P. McGee - comments

  1. 15-09-2014
    Paul Springfield

    Hello Mickey I listened to a couple of your songs and also rated them. I liked both of them but as a honest assessment I will tell you how they struck me initially. I think the tempo could have been turned up some and I had a little difficulty with the continuity of the lyrics. For these reasons I didn't give a thumbs up on marketability because I think those areas could use attention. All in all there is talent on your end. I am not a performer so I am reluctant to assess that aspect of one's work. I appreciate you inviting me to hear your work. Please continue with it. Best Regards Paul Springfield

  2. 11-09-2014
    Fabio Santangelo

    Hi Mickey, I love the sound of your guitar... do you use a Leslie effect? I especially loved Starlight Blues Traveler. Listening to other songs tho. I will let you know for sure! Greetings, Fab.