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K-Jo - comments

  1. 19-01-2016
    Buz Blvd

    Just stay true to your Heart and Keep ur Rock a Rollin !

  2. 07-09-2015
    Mike Doyle

    Love your energy & your style, Kay-Leigh...Mike

  3. 10-08-2015
    Thomas Castner

    You are Fantastic Kay-Leigh. The Sky is not even the Limit for you. The Universe is all Yours . Sending Love TC

  4. 08-08-2015

    I'M SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. 07-08-2015

    Kay-Leigh, GREAT voice and you seem to have control over it with expertise. You know when to use vibrato and not to use it at the same your dynamics show as well. It keeps the listeners in the palm of your hand. Keep up with the greatness you've shown and you'll go far!

  6. 06-08-2015
    Robot Raven

    Love your stuff. Wouldn't mind at all to hear your version of one of our songs! Keep up the great work!

  7. 06-08-2015
    Jojo Carr

    Im so Tired. Beautiful. :-)

  8. 06-08-2015
    Nur Ich

    Kay-Leigh, You have a rich and full voice. Your delivery is alluring. You have my best wishes for self-fulfillment, acceptance, good health and clear horizons.

  9. 06-08-2015
    Simon Zattara band

    Wonderful voice! Congratulations

  10. 05-08-2015
    Dylan Abm

    Keep doing what you doing, happy music.