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Randy Ferrell - comments

  1. 20-11-2015
    Michael Candy

    Hey Randy, This is a great song. Very powerful lyrics. Awesome guitar work and I just got lost in the lyric. Keep up the great work.

  2. 15-11-2015
    Lynn Langtry

    Thank you Randy, I really enjoy your music! Sincerely, Lynn Langtry

  3. 06-09-2015
    Emma Hardwick

    Fantastic Voice and I Enjoyed all of your Songs.Good Luck with your Music in the Future.Take care Emma.XX

  4. 29-06-2015

    Wonderful music, great voice. I enjoyed all your songs a lot.

  5. 24-06-2015

    Beautiful voice & great piano work! Good luck with your career. This should be a great album!

  6. 02-06-2015
    Simon Zattara band

    Really great voice and wonderful songs too ! Congratulations

  7. 24-05-2015
    Anthony Flake

    Randy , you are a super awesome singer sir!

  8. 21-05-2015
    Stephano Christophero (Pandaman)

    Awesome Voice, Awesome Playing, Awesome Song Writing Skills & Awesome Song Randy! You really put your heart into it! This song is Awesome! I can see & hear this song as a soundtrack for a movie! Is this by chance, what you were thinking when you wrote it?

  9. 20-05-2015

    Wonderful songs, fascinating voice!

  10. 20-05-2015
    Dylan Abm

    Great music, great vocals.