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Robot Raven - comments

  1. 16-08-2015
    Ed Harris

    Very original material and great musicianship! Really been enjoying them all! I do favor "Meet Me in the Middle" as well! Thanks for sharing and in connecting!

  2. 13-08-2015

    Specifically liked "Something's got to give". Nice acoustic blues, splendid guitar work, vocals well done, good song. "Meet me in the middle" reminds of some stuff by The Flaming Lips, well-crafted, and together with "Half a mind" it also belongs to the witty lyrics category of songs. Then "Why don't you call" has this sort of ironic humor that is Monty Python reminding and this is a very good song actually, especially for a melodramatic one. It's absolutely as good as, and cetainly no less than, the Jagger-Richards' "Walkin' through the sleepy city", whereas "Don't shine me on" could just as well be an embittered Lennon shouting at the world. Nice work. "Goodbye Elvis" shines as ancient rock 'n' roll with a strong alternative flavor, the only pity being that an overdose of FX on the vocal sometimes makes it hard to understand.

  3. 06-08-2015
    Jojo Carr

    Don't shine me on. Really like it. Here is a ZZ Top quote, you might like. Record companies arent what they used to be. We never paid attention to them anyway. They tried to tell us what to do, but we just never did it. Theyd send guys to the studio, but we wouldnt let them in. - DUSTY

  4. 06-08-2015
    DC Clark

    I really enjoyed your music especially Meet Me in the Middle. Thanks for the connection.

  5. 04-08-2015

    Thanks for your message and liking my songs., email:

  6. 04-08-2015

    Thanks for your message and liking my songs., email:

  7. 03-08-2015

    Ok homie got your message will do once on on my laptop

  8. 23-07-2015
    Michael Dante Aprile

    So completely amazing. Great songs and great sound/singing. All are now on my playlist. Michael

  9. 19-07-2015

    I did like the vibe of DNA! good Music. El MAGICO

  10. 19-07-2015
    Calling John

    We like it!!!