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Robot Raven - comments

  1. 08-07-2015
    Anthony Flake

    Awesome and super band, will listen to more..I gave you a perfect score on all!

  2. 07-07-2015
    Samuel Patrick Fink

    Good commercial sound reminds me of the 70's in a good way! Very unique!

  3. 06-07-2015
    Michael Joseph Ulsry

    unique .... fun

  4. 04-07-2015
    Michele Baron

    fun listen... looking forward to hearing more :)

  5. 30-06-2015
    James E Johnson

    Good stuff man!

  6. 30-06-2015
    Marty O

    I've got a CD I give out called Our Smash Flop Singles, like your Greatest Hits photo!

  7. 30-06-2015
    Marty O

    You guys are really cool.....stay true to yourselves. cool stuff