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Emma Hardwick - comments

  1. 15-02-2016
    Ed Harris

    So sorry for the delayed response Emma! Listened and rated! Great stuff! Keep up the great work!

  2. 18-11-2015
    Dere middleton

    Still want you so love the pop version nice tone to your voice please rate my music some is my own dance music and collaboration with female singer, lets keep in touch.

  3. 22-10-2015

    I listened and rated. Great stuff. My fav is "Fly". Have a good one.

  4. 12-10-2015

    Cool tunes Emma! I like what you do!

  5. 13-09-2015
    David P. Reinen

    Emma, this is great material - your voice is solid, strong and clear - right on every note - well written; well done

  6. 02-09-2015
    Marty O

    Nice voice, soul soothing.............if you find the time could you rate some of my stuff?........... thing is, every song is different. Thanx Emma

  7. 30-08-2015
    Brian Girouard

    Very nice voice! A pleasure to listen to you sing.

  8. 18-08-2015

    Nice work and keep it up

  9. 16-08-2015

    funky, spunky & soulful.