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ALLEN and DOUGLAS - comments

  1. 15-11-2015

    "Oh Yeah" hey lads this is my favourite track up to now great intro! Love the guitars and vocals got a great hook on this one, found myself foot tapping and head nodding really enjoyed it. Keep em coming I look forward to more. Best wishes Les P.S. The comments box under each of your songs seems to be disabled just to let you know.

  2. 15-11-2015

    Without You another nice song great strings and vocals very nice.

  3. 15-11-2015

    Come A Long Way Kid another great song guys love the rhythm guitar playing and overall song great vocals also.

  4. 15-11-2015

    Hi Guys, Iv'e just listened to slim pickings congrats on a great song I really enjoyed it. Some nice strings great vocals and I enjoyed the harmonics nice touch. Beat wishes. Les