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Chris Givens - comments

  1. 18-05-2012

    just listened to your 5 songs, Wow I do love your presentation. Your voice just warms me every time I listen and the music is comforting. Great job, all stars my friend. Kit

  2. 04-03-2012

    Hey Chris the new song is just wonderful. and another for my playlist and all stars. I just get a great feeling listening to your music, feels like home! I would just get a kick to play with you one time. You vocals really shinned on your new song brother. Sorry it took so while to get back, I've been sick trying to catch up and we had tornado's all over Indiana and out internet was out for a while, but I tell you it sure was worth the wait. Your Friend Kit Mann

  3. 24-02-2012

    Hi Chris , Great sounds my friend :))

  4. 18-02-2012

    Chris, I added you three new songs to my play list, and gave you all stars. Wow I really love Ring Like a Bell, it was like listening to a cross between Jim Croce and Crosby, Stills, and Nash. Loved you guitar playing just draws you right into the song, and when you star to sing you just have to stay so you can hear the ending of great story lines in the lyrics. Your Friend Kit

  5. 17-02-2012

    Beautiful music Chris, very evocative and moving, great work! - Andrew.

  6. 15-02-2012

    What a beautiful sound, voice and the songs touched my heart. Thank you your friend Kit

  7. 14-02-2012

    Thanks for the friendship, interesting mix of music. nice vox, hopefully I 'll get some music posted here soon in the mean-time you can check my guitar driven music on no vox, mostly just ideas from my mind, made reality, music is universal, Peace!

  8. 07-02-2012
    Ryo Utasato

    Dear Chris, So beautiful music, great voice! Thank you for sharing your beautiful and magnificent universe* Touches my heart, Light up my day! Absolutely fantastic! Peace & Love* Ryo,

  9. 17-12-2011
    Orbitally Re-Arranged Monatomic Elements

    Pleased to meet you Chris:) Lovely guitar playing and diversity to your music :) Drop by our page for a listen to our tunes if you have the time too :) Stay in touch, Poppy and Holly :)