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Lex Zaleta - comments

  1. 06-03-2014

    Hey Lex, thanks for the comment on our music. "Your Mama's behind Bar Blues" hit me first but all the songs have a good story to tell and are catchy too.

  2. 12-02-2014
    Neal Bing

    Your lyrics and melodies are awesome!!! I like how you match the melodies you play with the emotions of the song. :) You are too awesome! Check out my instrumentals when you get the chance. :)

  3. 08-10-2013
    Dream Decay

    hey bro love the tunes really likes free and hopeless romantic love the guitar work on medusa snake eyes song..if you have time please feel free to check my songs out im not country im a christian ambient artist but i enjoy all kinds of music keep up the good work bro God Bless!!