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Ernandez - comments

  1. 13-12-2014

    Just dropped in to listen to some good tunes. I really appreciate your work. You sound great.Wish you great things! Take care! (Oh I am an artist and retired pro, Hope you like the painting I am sending???? CHEERS Phillip

  2. 16-12-2013
    Dylan Abm

    Blessings Ernandez great work with your music blessings....

  3. 22-07-2012

    Your right, the sky has no limits for you. Great effortless vocals. Success with your future tour.

  4. 02-02-2012

    Love your sound!!! You sound a bit like Mary J Blige. Great Stuff!!!

  5. 29-09-2011
    Castor Six

    You really Groove! Musical Love To You! Cheers Castor Six