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Gimmemoua - Music - PROLOGUE

Hip Hop
805 in Hip Hop, 9200 overall

steadily i hold my ground as i overlook the valley of shadow of death
its been a ride, a fight, a long yet short blink of an eye
a journey that will not be forgotten
a journey full of trial and error
reminiscing as i recall upon the day i walked down this path
the day i decided i was all in with great intents and no regrets

ambitiously, willingly, viciously, faithfully,

i fought the inner demon within myself, among my soul, along the road

movingly heartfully, strikingly

there was no turning back, alone with no support i gazed

down upon a long path which was set ablazed with hardship, friendship, leadership

the burden was heavily, steadily, yet intringly heart felt

as i looked at Froto he was just another smeagle

blind i walked into this game, eyes covered i sufferred the unforseen

the blind led the deaf, the deaf listened for the blind, the mute supported with passion

all eyes were set on me, all minds wondered when i would fail, all ears exhausted my cheers
still my heart burned with desire
from the start with great fire

elegantly slowly, accurately,
passionately, amazingly, reluctantly crucially,

i concentrated my will, my every breath, my blood thirst filled chest
my eyes set on the treasure chest, x marked the spot,
a small speckle, freckles the target appeared, never did i fear
never did i drop a tear, my vision strictly clear, straightly i steered

leered i beamed my Superman x-ray vision through elevated walls

through segregated whispers and calls by others whom thought i couldnt hear

outputting fear with every giving breath i took

regretting the shear words and thoughts they onced booked

through all who wanted to stall, through all who wanted me to fall

i peered over each wall, through each door, around each corner before i lept

i carefully placed each step ensuring i would not regret
for this day when i could call upon my knight and pawns for today is the day
my enemies appraised king was checkmate

still the birdfeeder was empty, yet i continually returned day after day

night after night, fight after fight, my might, my light, my sight

was right, was bright, wasnt blight

Overall perfomance
Individual musicianship