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The Thorn Corporation - Music - Destination

1225 in Rock, 9300 overall

I wake up, stand up
And take a look in the mirror,
Everyday the reflection
of my despair is getting clearer,
As i take deep breath,
Braced for the world outside,
Before my foot hits the floor,
They got me rubbing my eyes
in disbelief, a 12 year old
Just said to his mom,
"See you next tuesday"
And she's bitin her tongue,
Like he done nothin wrong,
And though he shows no remorse,
"It ain't his fault that me an
daddy got a divorce"
As i walk by the store,
This homeless guys on the floor,
He just finished his last beer
And now he's begging for more,
And it's 5am
I'm on my way into hell,
If i had some beer
don't you think i'd need it myself.
I gotta whole day of doing
All this same ol same ol
Looking at the sunlight from the depths of this hole,
They can take what they want
But i'ma get all that's mine
When i cruise right down
The 32819

Why can't you see,
I'm not even lookin your way,
As i'm watching the sun
I know i will have my day!

How the hell can i
Get a bit of recognition,
They always stand in my
Way t's like precognition,
They don't want me out
I don't want me in
I can scream and shout and
Pull my hair out but it's wearing thin,
I could turn the other cheek
And let a million people walk on me,
But it wouldn't get me
Halfway where i wanna be,
But it beats standing up
In a court giving a list as long
As my arm of shit they
Just ain't gonna see,
Cos there's a million people
Who just go to work like me,
Who have all decided
Just to let it be,
That this the only life they'll see,
It's kinda sad could easily be me,
But it's not cos i got
Something to help pull me through,
Something anyone could do
But that's my dream
Get your own and just leave me alone,
Before i turn it around
I'm just about to blow!

I wake up, stand up,
Take a look in the mirror,
As i open my door,
I feel my head getting clearer,
I raise my head to the sky,
And feel the sun blazing down,
As i feel things lookin up,
I turn to take a look around,
There's not a damn thing in sight,
To piss me off or stress me out,
It's all smiles and laughter
So give me a second hear me out,
I bust my hump every day,
To earn the money to pay,
For two weeks in my paradise
Enjoying every single way,
It brings a smile to my face,
And every single other different race
Feels the magic of world that's
Such a special place,
So my bitterness has faded away,
Disappeared in a flash
It's a different day,
I'm in heaven on earth,
There's not a hint of my hurt,
And suddenly you needn't
Give me such a wide berth,
Cos i'm a different man,
It's just all part of the plan,
Someday try it yourself
You just might understand

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