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Ray William Roldan - Music - Bob And The Sheriff

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Bob and The Sheriff
Copyright 2011
By Ray William Roldan

Way out in the desert
where the cactus grow.
They got an old Honky Tonk
with a red dirt floor
Bullet in the pine wood bar
another hole in the roof
'cause we ran out of of tar
And sweet senoritas
bring you whiskey and beer!
but don't ask for no espresso
a 'cause we ain't got none here!

A little while back
we met a man named Bob!
he never liked to work
but he loved to steal an rob!
He came through the doors
on a hot summer nite!
And hung around the joint
until the time felt just right
He pulled out his colt
and made his intentions clear
And that sweet senorita
dropped that whiskey and beer!

Now Bob turned around
when he heard that beer splash
And said don't worry 'bout
that mess darlin'
Just bring me some cash!
There was a bar keep
hidin' hind a case of Mescal
Said you better find some coin
fore I have to shoot you pal!
There was a card game in the corner
tween a banker and a dude!
But they didn't want knothin' to do
with that Colt attitude!

Now the Sheriff came in
through them oak swingin' doors!
He had an Armadillo belt
and a pair of Forty-Fours!
And Bob felt a chill
run up and down his back
And you should a heard
them ole forty-fours crack
Bob pulled the trigger
on that chrome plated colt
And that Honky Tonk lit up
like a flamin' lightnin' bolt!

Now Bob hit the sheriff
in that gold plated star
And that bullet nearly kilt him
left a hell of a scar
Them fourty-four slugs
found a home in Bobs head
Hell! Bob flashed a smile
fore he even realized he was dead!

A cloud of dust rose
when Bob hit the floor
It flew straight past that seniorita
and out them oak swingin' doors!

And that floor was made of dirt
so they dug a deep hole
And they dropped Bob to the bottom
and they prayed for his soul

They hung that chrome plated colt
above that pine wood bar!
On a plaque made of glass
next to the Sheriffs gold star!
And that sweet senorita nursed
the sheriff back to life
I guess the hero got the girl
cause now the girls the sheriffs wife!

Ya'll come back now hear!
and don't bring no guns!

By Ray William Roldan
Copyright 2011

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