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FS PROJEKT - Music - Fingolfin

3 in Metal, 117 overall

EP “Rozhdeniye Maga” (The Birth of a Magus)
Music, arrangements and original Russian lyrics by Efes
English unrhymed translation by Efes
© 2013, All Rights Reserved

Hey, Fingolfin! Look around – you’re alone…
You’ve lost everything, o, High Lord of Noldor!
Rivers of flame have devoured your lands…
Now they’ll be ruled by Evil’s black hands…

Wrath is boiling up inside you…
And you feel the urge to burn the Enemy in the flames of that wrath!

With the anger of the Valar seething in your eyes,
With the silver radiant blade blazing in your hand,
You are fast to reach Angband, faster than an arrow,
Just to rip the Night apart with your vengeful gaze!
So here you are, before the brazen gates!
Your voice is pure, your horn rings clear!
“Come out, you Fiend! Come out, my Foe!
Leave your worm-hole, craven!”

O, glorious Noldor!
O, magnificent Nolder!
You are our hope incarnate!
Keep fighting for life,
Freedom and truth!
For all things devoured by the darkness of the grave!

So slowly… in fear…
So slowly… in fear…
So slowly… in fear…
The Dark Lord appears!

“You’ve come to my stronghold!
You’ve shattered my calm!
You, feeble, pathetic Noldor!
So be it! This battle shall be your last!”
So the hammer and the sword began their dance…
Swiftly wielding your true blade,
Blazing just like Elemmirë,
Seven times you let it drink
The thick black blood of the Dark Lord!

O, glorious Noldor!
O, magnificent Nolder!
You are our hope incarnate!
Your gaze is so terrible,
It is so radiant
That it shines through the storm like the Silmarils!

Thrice you fell and thrice you rose…
Dauntless fighter, noble Noldor, laughing in the face of death,
You fought with wild abandon, yet
The fourth time you never rose
Hit too badly to fight again …
Knowing that the end was near with his foot upon your chest,
You held on and saved your breath
Just to thrust your sword straightforward one last time,
And your Enemy’s shrill scream went through the world!

O, glorious Noldor!
O, magnificent Nolder!
It was the Fiend who closed your eyes with a shroud of death...
But you had not given up,
You had not given in!
You had covered yourself in glory forevermore!

Overall perfomance
Individual musicianship