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Melanie Blades - Music - "Lost In The Crowd" (Music:IndigoLab/Lyrics-VocalsM.Blades)

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I'm walking down the streets
And people come and go...
I'm going up the stairs taking the red-eye train home

In my own little world
I'm like the half-asleep, lost in the crowd it seems,
And that's the way that it's always been....

I looked up to the sky
A buzzing sound's nearby
I see the fluffy clouds, and an upright beaming light..

It's not the Sun, I know
It's spreading out across
And now the crowd has stopped
And everyone's eyes are looking up...

Caught up in two worlds
Is this a trick or what?

One side is old and gone
The other's new and young
It's like a bubble floating
I want to pop it open
So beautiful, that I just wanna stay longer...

Why we go on without the love we need?
Why we move on without the love we need?
Why, why?
Why we move on from that, that we need?

I know we're not alone that we always come back
With different names for sure but our Souls stay intact
We're told that when we die we are forever gone
But that's not true my friends the body is all that fades...

Why we go on without the love?
Why we move on from the love?
(We can't move on, no no no, not without love!)
(Not without love, not without love....)

The beam is fading now but I still see the path
I'm lost in the crowd it seems but that's a mirage
I know we're not alone, soon I will hold you close
And I will kiss your lips 'cause I'm coming home!

There is no death my friend only the body fades
Our Souls will carry on forward with the light
Most won't remember this unless it's sealed with love
And life will start anew, crossing the Rainbow Bridges
Until this timeline, into this time-world (I know we'll meet again)
I know my friends, I'm going home
I'm going home!...

It's why we go on
It's why we go on (I'm going home).....
It's why we go on...I'm home

What we need is love (Where is love, where is love?)
What we need is love
What we need is love
Where is love?

Home is where there's LOVE....

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