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Peoples Friend - Music - summertime

63 in Acoustic, 1593 overall

Summer time rolls, as the sun grows hot
Bumming around town its not hard to find a spot
To chill and watch the summer dresses glide bye
As I take in the day I find know reason to ask why
This is my world with the seen so green and the living so comfortable
Enjoying the sunshine and not dealing with winters bull shit
We can all live in harmony in the summer time you see
Every new day brings a new way of being free
To be what ever you want to be
So as the days grow long and the sun shines on
Dont take it for granted before you know it its gone

So let the summer time roll on
Let the summer time roll on

86 degrees with a warm summer breeze
Nothing beats the sound of the wind through the trees
On a bright August day hanging out at the café
Sipping on beers until the sun fades away
And as night moves in I sit at ease with a grin
Contemplating the next that you know Ill be playing
Maybe work on a rhyme scooping the ladies so fine
There are so many options it can boggle youre mind
Summers always a hit and you know thats know bull shit
When winter comes to town Ill be having a fit
But as the days turn gray Ill be dreaming of May
Thinking back to the summer green
While Im rolling up a J

So let the summer time roll on
Let the summer time roll on

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