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Peoples Friend - Music - move on

318 in Acoustic, 8431 overall

as easy as it sounds you just have to move on
Facing youíre fears and trying to be stronge
But the tears can drop from the eyes
Empowering an arise in emotion
I canít deny I was living a lie
I found my self caught but not sure why
Just moving through the rutens and going through the motions
As I watched my life was passing me bye
But in a short time I was back on a high
I finally figured out how to get to the pie
You got to find the time and make the day
So you can walk tall and say

Itís as easy as it sounds you just have to move on

The giving the taking the always ready to bake
And it doesnít trouble me to raise the stakes
Cause thatís what it takes if you want to fly high
You got to weed out the fakes and always move at your own pace
Thatís so youíll know that youíre always going to grow
If you follow that example youíll have a lot to show
So here I bass in hand talking about my master plan
Nothings going to stop me from doing what I can
To get bigger larger then life there isnít anything wrong with that
And thatís what Iím going to do
No more wasting my time
I know that everything is set
Cause itís right in my mind

Itís as easy as it sounds you just have to move on

I donít think of life as some kind of free ride
But if the opportunity dawns ill be ready to glide on
Making the day and if you see me on the street you know what ill say
If life seems to turn cold figure out how to take hold
Live for what you want and the people that you know
So when the timing is right and you can see the light
You can pack up what you got and move on with it
You now you canít miss it
You never know what can be done until you get with it
But donít let anybody tell you what you can and can not do
Only you can decide what you want to peruse
Lifeís too short to sit and complain
About the people you think did you wrong thatís the reason youíre in pain
You can change the situation so youíre life can improve
All you have to do is figure out you next moveÖ

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