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Peoples Friend - Music - sun shine

317 in Acoustic, 8430 overall

Cant help but be amazed and dazed by the beauty of youre rays
And the presence only you have the power to portray
Youre ability to brighten up the rainiest of rainy days
I can imagine theirs at least five hundred thousand ways
Clearly it seems to me that even the blind man could see
That youre soul and youre spirit is undeniably free
I can get lost in you even with just thoughts of you
Maybe one day will find both of our hearts beat in time

Sunshine from you I cannot hide
Youre warmth youre ease the way you glide

Sunshine you glide with youre ease and youre smile
I cant deny I feel high whenever you light up my sky
I want to bask in youre rays for the rest of me days
Be the bee to youre honey as we roll through lifes maze
Youll find we ride the same tide
And if you take my hand we can cross this would wide
Side by side with love to glide us in through the rest of our days
My hearts on firer with desire Im sure its obvious you inspire me
To put words to song to sing all night long
Every time my hearts warmed by youre rays

Sunshine from you I cannot hide
Youre warmth youre ease the way you glide

Love to see you sunshine
You know that you make me feel so fine
Never would have expected the day would come
To have a feeling so sublime
It would be a crime for me to waste any more time you see
Ive been dancing in the darkness of night
When I should have been dancing in youre warm sun light
So know that Ive seen the light
And happened across a feeling I just cant fight
Ill step back and take a deep breathe
As my heart and soul takes to flight
Up were the air is rarified and the nights are always starry eyed
To always have sunshine by my side
Could be beat by know other high

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