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Peoples Friend - Music - second to last

315 in Acoustic, 8281 overall

my woman, my love there always on my mind
And its true that the bass follows close behind
Anyway ether way Im always looking
For the best ways to unwind
not that My life has that much of a grind
I find Living lax lade back chilling
Always be stilling my heart
Is the best way for me to shine

When the trials and tribs of my life
Turn to push I will turn to shove
Ill always do my best to bounce back
I do it for the people for whom I love
Family, pride all regrets aside
These are the days Ill sing of
And praise till the day I die
Remembering them not with a sigh
But with a whole hearted war cry
For my loves my brethren and blood
Theyre the faces to be remembered
The ones Ill always hold above
When the times turn cold
There the ones Ill think of
To bring warmth to my soul

And over flow my heart with love

So I carry on ridding clear till dawn
Setting a lyrical presidents
With ever growing intelligence
Turning out the grooves that floe to and fro
With an undeniable elegance
The rhymes I wheeled are profound
The bass lines I throw down
Have been know to confound
And Ive also been know to fly
As high as seven stories
Without ever leaving the ground
I remember that good things come to those who wait
And great things come to those who dont hesitate
So heres to sounds of my world spinning round
And when the bass I am playing, I know that funs abound

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