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Bonnie McGill - Music - A Christmas Prayer sung by Donna Ray

132 in Country, 1371 overall

A Christmas Prayer

A little boy who had no skates,
His family was too poor,
He prayed "Dear God, ask Santa Claus,
To bring me skates for sure."

"I would not ask for anything,
You know I never do,
But all the other boys have skates,
And I'd sure like to have some too."

"My dad just wouldn't understand,
No use in asking him,
Cause ever since my mamma died,
His whole world seems so dim."

"I hear him crying every night,
In his room next to mine,
He just can't seem to get to sleep,
Till he drinks all his wine."

"He doesn't have much time for me,
His jobs don't last too long,
The money from my paper route,
Would take me much too long."

"One more thing God, if you don't mind,
Please make my dad O.K,
When I get grown up, big and strong,
I'll pay you back someday."

The young boy then laid down to sleep,
While right outside his door,
A shaken father stood and weeped,
His tears fell to the floor.

Inside his pocket there he felt,
The money for his booze,
He then put on his worn out hat,
And his ragged coat and shoes.

When morning came, the boy came down,
To find a Christmas tree,
With shining lights, a star and then,
A package red and green.

He opened it, and there inside,
Were skates, all silver and black,
A shaking boy then felt the touch,
Of a warm hand on his back.

"Hey son, let's go to church today,
It's Christmas, don't you know?"
Said his shaven father, dressed in blue,
Whose shirt was white as snow.

No prouder voice did ever sing,
To Jesus born this day,
Than that young lad who got new skates,
And his dad, on Christmas day.

By: Bonnie McGill.

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