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Don Johnson - Music - Get To It

47 in Country, 469 overall

Get To It
Lyrics and Music by: D. Johnson

There was a little diner on mainstreet I stopped in for a cup
I saw an old man sittin outside he was all bundled up
I said hey old timer what you doin out here on this cold winter night
Why don't you get up come on in Let me buy you a bite

We were sipping on coffee He said I just have to say
I want you to know my life aint always been this way
I had big dreams big plans I was gonna go far
But I sat and waited on Lady Luck to come knocking on my door
And I wasted away to afraid to really try
Since you bought me dinner son Let me give you some advice

Ch: He said life's too short so you best get to it
Get off your butt or you might pass through it
With your eyes closed, back turned missing everything that shoulda been yours
Those dreams ain't gonna chase you
Go out and get em and they might come true
This life ain't gonna live itself so come on boy
Get to it

We said goodnight and I went home but something had changed
I tried to sleep but it wouldn't come I knew I had to rearrange my thinkin
Got up and starting making plans To this day I believe
God sent an angel that night to earn him his wings
Now when the going gets tough and I feel like giving in
Before I give up I remember what that old man said (ch)

Bridge: You know the man upstairs has a plan for everyone
He won't do it for ya, but he'll help you get it done just remember that (ch)

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