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Vukani - Music - You want to be a warrior

24 in Experimental, 2656 overall

You want to be a warrior, fierce, proud and free
You know you are a warrior, of ancient pedigree
Fight for the souls, locked in the hell weve made
To heal Mother Earth, and restore the forest glades

You know the way, if your heart has heard
The truth in what you hear, is not in the shell of the words
Listen deeper brother, sister, slow down and skip a beat
Don't rush now ever faster, feel the wisdom in your feet

Step over your dead body, yes you heard me right!
With yourself in the way, how could you ever fight?
Next leave behind your family, clan, tribe and nation
Drop every thought and habit, soon youll be an Earthling

Drop your fear and judgements, no-ones ever watching you
No need to be admired for anything you do
See the Spirit of creation in the eyes of all you meet
Practice imagination, then you'll never know defeat


Immerse in nature, meet Gods and Goddesses there
Live your passion, embrace your sensuality
Not the modern fashion for crude sexuality
Learn to love all people indiscriminately

Nothing in your world - is quiet as it seems
Walk through the nightmare into the field of dreams
For you who can- or will not, your time has now come
Your wealth is now worthless, your power undone

Verse 1

Poets through the ages, sing in allegory
No need to scratch or ponder, listen to me
No fancy imagery or turn of phrase
Youve had millennia to work through that maze

Heaven, paradise howve we been so wrong?
Listen with care to the next lines of this song
You don't die then your spirit floats to heaven
You create heaven here through the life you're living

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