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Atomic - Music - Hello_Forever

Hip Hop
556 in Hip Hop, 6008 overall

I got to attest and confess that ill weigh In with the best
And Im obsessed and possessed when your attention I arrest
While I invest with a zest unguessed, amounts of time
Im sitting unimpressed with the rest
Cause theyre jests
when you sit and listen keep in mind its Atomic
Interfere with me and the condition will be chronic
But my words are tonic and
cause im demonic I find it so ironic, that
I spit a heavenly flow and I can bestow
Knowledge on the power so the power will grow
I do it gamma ray so my aura will glow
And I could make masterpieces a while ago
Ill radiate your mental state complicate and dominate
Atomic is as known as a basic postulate
Im so irate
The foundation I will shake make you quake Make you quake
Atomic spit it true im gaining up on you and soon ill have first theres nothing you can do im coming through to annihilate your crew and then build it up anew
Go psycho on this beat til-til it admit defeat
Other rappers always putting used rhymes on repeat
But im made of the elite
I know you cant compete
cause you looking weak like a tweak and you seek
the benefits and attention of the fame
while im carefully constructing word puzzles for the brain
feeling strange in the brain not deranged or the same
as when I started the game
do you think ive gone insane
ha I cant go cause im gone
know I bring the fire and I got the heat on
like a billion degrees im beaming the beats
building belief destroying defeat dominating your team
building my dreams
Yeah cause Atomic do it right im sitting smoking chronic
While im working through the night
Trying to find that peace of mind as I sit and write
I open up my eye and let the atoms take flight
Its Atomic this the nature of my style
Better take a listen gonna be here for a while
Im going wild setting the lyrics free
Atomic building his fate, manifesting destiny
Giving the best of me so the rest can see
I do it with the artistry painting like a master
Barely started its the heart of me Im going farther
Than anyone could foresee
Im putting these rhymes together
With the proper chemistry
Im a P.h.D. higher degree kind of mind
Working on the concepts of reality and time
A being made of energy spit it like a plasma beam
dragon flying by and you players are simply food to me
I see the depths of the patterns quite visibly
The symmetry and imagery is there to see
Open up your mind and youll believe
The futures only made from your belief
On your best you couldnt envision my flow
Or imagine the ways all the ways that im gonna grow
Im getting so high while your staying so low
Watching the way you moving like your wading through snow
Atomic keeping it hot like a sun spot C.M.E.
And im coming right at you like a burst of energy
You dont want to be the one to try and play this game with me
Cause when it comes to owning the game Atomics got monopoly

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