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Atomic - Music - All Gratitude

Hip Hop
551 in Hip Hop, 6003 overall

If its one for one
Then its all for all
Didnt come to do it alone I came to ball
For my crew and thats all of you
That stayed right by my side while I was on the pursuit
Who knew I spoke truth and didnt need the proof
Who believed in what I believed in and saw my vision too
And knew
That Atomic was coming through
On everything he said Id turn those words to truth
From the bottom of my heart
Im truly grateful
Cause very few cared if I didnt have a plate full
Most of these people were super hateful
So this ones for you
You all gave me the strength
To play my past and held me together when I thought Id fall apart
Showd me how to care you gave me a heart
And taught me lifes lessons consider me taught
Showd me to believe in things I couldnt buy
And taught me all the things Id need to survive
Showd me that its best to keep an open state of mind
And to give it everything when Im getting on the grind
Never doubt this statement know that its true
Theres only a few I learned from every one of you
Now Im getting it in yeah I daily pursue
But I dont know if I could do it without all of you
Cause theres so many haters with something to say
They tell me that Im wrong and I should do it their way
Theyre running round in circles see em do it everyday
Said they won the game but I aint even see them play
This ones for the people
Who represent the truth
This ones for the people going through it to
This ones for everyone with light in theyre heart
And for every single person who plays their part
To a T
Cause thats all of me stay daily on the grind
Like I oiught to be Got an Atomic state of mind full of energy
Now Im trying to show everyone how to see
So open up your minds and open up your hearts
If we all stand together well never break apart
And theres absolutely nothing to do or say
Better plan to be destroyed if you get in our way
Were coming out the woodwork but not to play
Werre taking over the game gonna do it our way
Show em how to play with a different strategy then let them all loose
Watch them do what they say
Im leading by example building better kind of days
Show them to have belief in all the things that you say
So Im working everyday and its never just for me
Got a responsibility to show them how to see
So Im killing it yeah I stitch it up tight
Resurrect the game like a monster in the night
Got a psycho kind of brain programmed for right
And Im destroying the darkness cause Im bringing the light
Yes the night is strong but so are we
If we all stand together well defeat evil deeds
Like nothing youve ever seen
Theres no in between
We do it for the people building up their dreams
We creating a scene with the words that we weave
Never misconceive or misperceive we interweave
Were the interleave never preconceive or disbelieve
What we achieve so we receive and evil
Doesnt have a home here if it ever comes around then I make it disappear
Cause im on a whole other tier
Ill have demons on the pier
With a new pair of shoes bringing old school fears
Ill take you down the rabbit hole
Would you like to see a whole nother realm of possibility
Cause the entirety of the game is comprehendible to me
Ill show you how to have the maximum capacity
Now breath and absorb the energy
Were energetic beings with a message of peace
Bringing the world together is the thing that I seek
Cause the message has been there but now im going to teach
So I preach and hope you understand that its all
One life One love One land
If an angels falling down then try and help it stand
Cause you would want the same if it were on the other hand
So open up your minds and open up your hearts
If we all stand together well never break apart
And theres absolutely nothing you could do or say
Better plan to be destroyed if you get in our way.

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