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Atomic - Music - Evolved

Hip Hop
550 in Hip Hop, 6002 overall

Bunch of unevolved players and they all got a problem
Step to me and Ill show you how to solve them
Demolish Abolish
Hit you with solution
I resolve the problem never cover with illusion
Remove ya
From the picture call it paint if you weak dont come around
Cause this aint for the faint
I remain
At the top till end of time
Yes I hear the bell but I dont recognize the chime
Ima ring the bitch again knock the lights out this time
That was your bell I rung well I knew it wasnt mine
You think that you fly Well I think your fucking high
Cause Im sitting in the clouds and youre nowhere in the sky
Dropping a rhyme Im topping my mind
Everytime Im writing a line and misery loves company
So Im always feeling fine
No demons round this place travel with the pure of mind
We Slegna to the heart with our wings we will fly
Brains so advanced its like were from a different time
With a better understanding and more control of the mind
True predators dont have to kill all the time if we of that mind
Then we all gonna die
And I know I am not perfect but Im polished to a shine
And Im made of tempered steel with a feel thats divine
The way that things are going like the stars have all aligned
So Im sitting in the light jotting down my favorite lines
Sometimes I cry
Cause theres darkness all around
but Im bringing hella light with the power of my sound
With these wings I give well fly right up off the ground
Headed to the sky and we never coming down
Bringing it round we locking it down
Through smile and frown we killing it
Everyday do it our way we owning the game and never quit
It all stays the same
While Im building my fame
Think Im going insane
From this blessed kind of pain
Wish I knew how to feel
I guess this is the deal
But Im progressing never digressing
Finding all the best and then Im teaching all these lessons
Im testing while Im blessing
Never resting never guessing
Yes Im blessed and
Cursed at the same fucking time
Withering away but growing stronger in the mind
I never know whats coming but I know it will be mine
And Im feeling so much stronger with my angels by my side
Yes I am grateful to have my plateful
People so hateful so ungrateful
Its starting to get to me
At least I know what to do
And I know what is true
The only option left is to motherfucking kill it
Im on the beat know that my angels always feel it
If its evil know that we never deal it
Never playing games representing only movement
Make your wishes come true
If you work hard they do
So you know what to do
Get on it push through

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