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Atomic - Music - Lessons

Hip Hop
549 in Hip Hop, 6001 overall

Dont listen to these loudmouth haters talking shit
They yelling to the top while theyre sitting in the [it
Trying to hold us down cause they know that we on it
We elevating higher while they throw a major fit
Flip vision quick and rip rifts like time ripped or time shift now replay
Flip vision quick and rip rifts like time ripped cause we shift the state of the game
When I spit words go hella ham insane
When you spit words its like spam for the brain
Put your lyrics on the page to eliminate the pain
Speak wisdom like a sage keep honor near your name
But we reckless a lotta leaders taking risk
Playing high stakes but we always win big
This game is childs play so we taking over things
And bump all the bullshit we staying in the ring
Do the things we say
And say the things we do
Spreading out the message hope that it get through
For the benefit of all not the benefit of one
Working all the time but we having mad fun
Its Begun
Call it Atomic age
Im changing up the energy with the things I say
And Im getting everywhere from the south to the bay
Dropping lyrical bombs have em yelling Mayday!
We educate and innovate dont imitate we illustrate
I mitigate the stimulate assimilate and integrate
You know that Im a great
And that Im writing faith got the book beside me
And im writing what it say
You want a part in the play I can write it any day
Live life by the code it will all be ok
Got a crystal clear mind my vision Visine
And everything Ive done is looking so pristine
detonating rhymes like im blowing up the scene
Murderize the beat then we get away clean
Learn from past battles so mistakes I wont repeat
And Im never going to retreat
So Ill never face defeat
Annihilating all who allow these atrocities
Im dominating demons with hellafied ferocity
Showing all these players a better kind of philosophy
Always strong in spirit so everything belongs to me
Been abruptly awakened people starting to see signs
Reign over knowledge with conscious design
If your looking for wisdom its all in the lines
Trying to shape the mind with true guidance in rhymes
Trying to tell everyone hoping that they hear
Better times are coming so put away the fear
If you work toward better life than better life is near
Live righteous in your dealings success it will appear
I never leave it to fate cause I dont know what it says
What if Im the one to design these better days
And I left it up to fate so I never paved the way
Now were sitting here in darkness instead of having brighter rays
All Im trying to do is make this world a little better
Cause I saw every pattern and prepared for every matter
The worse the weather the more birds of a feather
When the clock ticks thirteen we all flock together
Keep on preaching and teaching display like a master
Dedicated focused efficient and faster
Attacking the game like an angry TerraRaptor
Im sitting in first everyone else comes after
Dropping these rhymes hear them hit go Kaboom
When I spit it gets hotter like fire in the room
Some people call me crazy say Im psycho or a loon
Better hold on fucking tight cause Im taking over soon
Got albums dropping now from the point I do digress
Planning every move like a strategy in chess
Im a master hard at work you apprentice at the best
When Im attacking go berserk so Im chilling with the best
Chill with like of mind only bosses round this place
My vocals melt your face like acid with no base
When you run with us your moving at a different pace
Get wrapped up in disgrace disappear without a trace.

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