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Atomic - Music - Learned

Hip Hop
548 in Hip Hop, 5922 overall

I was trying to win the race
But started moving at a pace
That took me past first place
Now Im hella lost in space
And Im looking
trapped out of time
or is it in I cant make up my mind
when I scream no one will hear
But its only cause of pain
And never cause of fear
Need help staying sane
With a heart full of tears
Feel the pain in my veins
But I move in light years
AtomicNation taking over the game
Getting so much bigger
Cause Im running this thing
And you know we gonna win
Cause we getting it in
Doing it so much harder than a diamond ring
Never fear em
We Gear up We doing it Street
Advancing the movement
Move it to its peak
If youve been silent its now time to speak
Sitting in darkness but its light that we seek
I want you to feel this deep in your soul
Always remember that your not alone
Youll feel like your real In a place full of clones
But waking them up is the ultimate goal
Chill where the best is
Cause weve been tested
Never been bested
Yes we are reckless
Hellafied infectious
Never defenseless
Only got correctness
Never Making guesses
Im switching things up with the strength of my will
Changing up the world to whatever I feel
Whenever I dream it
I then make it real
Try to stop me youll become my meal
I try to do whats right
But inside I want to fight
Cause people full of spite
But I know its from their fright
Cause we surrounded by the night
So Ill use all of my might
And evil I will smite
As a warrior of light
I try to fight the battle but its harder
People acting like cattle and claiming they the best
This life take a toll
But theres no time for rest
So I keep on marching on
Proving Im the best
I am a musician thats mostly logician
And partly magician
Lots of ammunition
Ive got a suspicion with demolition
That Ill reposition
Your composition
So we moving forward one step at a time
I partake in excellence Im training my mind
Im bringing the light with each of my rhymes
My aura will grow as my soul starts to shine
So Im fine all the time
Put my wrath in these lines
Get the anger out my mind
So I dont gotta do time
Trying to conquer the way I feel
Be the real deal
But people make me want to kill
So Im trying to stay chill
Im striking like lightning and fighting with writing
Delighting in citing
And inciting uniting
destroying with lightning
and bringing the night end
The righteous Im knighting
Theres no point in fighting
I be killing the beat Im hella running things
Call me big homie
They had it locked down but I had the right key
Now Im opening up doors to earn what I receive
It will all be fine cause every single battle meant to strengthen the mind
Gotta want it enough
And put in the time
So im writing these rhymes
And stay on the grind
But still
Sometimes the way I feel
Start to pull me down
But no ill never yield
I pick up the mic and no longer feel ill
The whole of my nature is keeping it real.

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