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Atomic - Music - Fire

Hip Hop
26 in Hip Hop, 635 overall

Killed it since I begun
What about you
Did it since I was young with
With a mind grew
Know I daily pursue
Cause Iím spitting the truth
Lines of rhyme all the time get a clue
Hereís the proof
Iím spitting fire cause Iím feeling hella strange
Wicked lyrics smart enough to hit your brain
Passion driven with ambition make decisions
Let me see you know I got them made
Dip myself in water
Cause Iím super hot sizzling
Keeping super focused
Cause I always got to get it in
Writing many rhymes like Iím taking fucking Riddalin
Know Iím of a caliber Excalibur was sitting in
Now that Iím a beast a cold wind from the east
Know that Iím the best from the south to the west
Building up my dreams so thereís no time for rest
Watch me levitate Iím floating off of the ground
Getting so much higher and Iím never coming down
Cheesing so much it got me looking like a clown
Always a need to smile and always a reason to frown
Coming to conquer the game flipping it upside down
Then spin it back around but it back where it was found
Gotta love of my music so Iím always gonna choose it
And I choose to use but never abuse the influence
Going through it but isnít everyone
The biggest difference is haters talk their shit for fun
Musicís how I eat
Musicís how I breath
Music is my sleep
Musicís what I dream
Believe that thereís no in between itís either do this
Or get the fuck off the scene
I got a family to feed so thereís never time for greed
Just need some privacy so I can manifest these dreams
I exceed but itís just who I am
I operate on levels most canít understand
Like hella fire weed take you to another land
Slowing down time with that spark in my hand
I light it up
Wait the weed or the game
Depends on what you see let me put it in a frame
I Can see I can see
They be yelling everyday
Better close your fucking eyes and look the other way
You act like this a game this is life to me
People bring me pain got me icy
Itís not what I want
itís what I got to be
and if you want to play then step to me
Youíll see itís fire that I breath
And I been this fucking way since I stepped into the scene
Cause I dream
You can do it too close and open eyes then start your life anew
Go pursue and stop looking at me
Cause even if I know it only matters if you see
I left all the clues you can call them puzzle piece
I showed you what to do now manifest your destiny
Give me a few more seconds and Iíll lay it out straight
Doing hateful things makes hate propagate
Whyís everyone living life full of stress
Iím just living my life trying to be the best
I took my exams and I aced the test
I think you need to study cause you coming in last
Iím teaching this class and Iím doing it hella fast
Sit down and listen better treat it like a mass
Know that Iím rubber and your stuck so your glue
And all these hateful words only come back to you
Iím walking right through see the picture that I drew
And if I need to spell it out
This life ainít for you.

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