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Whyte Henny - Music - "shut it Down" Original Version

14 in Alternative, 456 overall

Gluttony turns to that pain
can you get lane
like cypress hill I'm insane
look fresh Cause I always main tame
tell me why theses haters hate
it's like going fishing wit no bate people give love but they take that's why I won't mess wit the fake The only tamper wit fate life's shady it changes shape in the hood I be rolling weight
don't blink and it won't for take smoke wet wit ur ex In the back of the basement steal tracks it's from my tape amazing
is this really what you want does it make cents society give you rules that's abrasive

Insanity turns into rage
the story of life will not change
Traders give way every day
they hold there glass high and they braze
I roll bats man no cape
only smoke wax up in vape
Sincerity test to the soul a sugar coated detail unfolds
nothing in life makes them whole
that's why they just do what there told they got no minds of there own they'll try and bring you down in there hole
misery or envy you can tell quick
stab your back wit your girl on sum dumb shit
feel the bad the vibes from your feet to you pelvis
take your weed leave you nun yo that's selfish
Negative energies kill
the good is uplifting and real
a jester choose the card that he deals
the chances that we take in the field like a Pitt never willing to heal jaws drop at the price of the veal that's why all these haters they squeal when they see you eat good off a meal
portions of debt that they owe to they cousin fell off on pack from dealer that be busting hit the st popping lip were they say that they wasn't you can look in there eye but you know you'll never trust him Wraat its a deep chance that you take hopeless regrets of your fate your luck just ran out of date!

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