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Kirkstar - Music - Circus 51

Hip Hop
239 in Hip Hop, 3625 overall

Circus 51 (Freestyle)

Beat boxing I stunt hard in the arena,
Couldn't tell me I'm one of the best you haters,
Oh my fault I meant to say my motivators,
Inspirations yawl better keep it now,
As IRep all the stars if the Bahamas,
FabFamily242 we run this town,
As I'm locked on by the many stars bey,
Can't say I'm no artist for bring back the sounds K,
My flag is my patwa, partner we worldwide,
Bey you rock let's combine all our Powers,
Sheet rock the ground we spiking up the dancefloor,
Holes in my feet as I dance like a b-boy,
Sunny side up is how I,like gyals done,
Baked 2 perfection they looking so good right now,
Pass me a cup of that magenta vodka,
Man I'm spiked I think I'm just about to pass out,
Pass out yeah is what I do in the clubs now,
But I get back up and I wild up the crowd night long,
Cheers the weekend I'm celebrating my time,
And next year fa shoo I'll be going twice as hardcore,
B-Balling my niggas are keeping the scores up,
Even though there imitating the globetrotters stunts,
Carnival's in town which ride should I go on first tonight,
Oh dang man I just barf all a my food out,
Call the night nurse I'm coming down with a fever,
Actually I'm feeling better,
Why don't we hop in this bed here,
242 is my area code, it stands a lot,
Except 4 being undercover,
Cover albums is what I like to see,
Check mines out it's all over Reverbnation,
Reverse my sound to match my posture,
And lifestyle is what you use to bring out your talents,
As I stand out man all eyes are focused on me,
Maybe cause popular that I have so much fans here,

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